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mfw last dialouge

i swear to god this is one of the shittiest endings i have ever seen in a while

i'm so sorry :( please let me know what kind of ending you would have preferred and i will immediately change it to your preferences

im not the typa guy who would be touched by this

mainly because im serbian

however theres no need to change the ending really

i was so invested and then the option to say "Im Gay" CAUGHT ME SO OF GUARD HAAHAHAUA


ahahahaha gays lol!!!!! such a funny word LMAOOOO!!!1!! AHAHAH I'M GOING TO BURN FROM LAUGHING!!!1!

hey yeah im not saying the word "gays" is funny im saying it caught me off guard because it came out of nowhere. do better.

okay then, but in my opinion it was expected (maybe you completed the game in a different way)


I replayed it after almost two years by chance and oh boi. My last comment simply doesn't do this game justice. The last time I hadn't started college yet and chose the more "quiet" options. I remember being surprised how some moments reflected actual talks I had (or I wish I had) with my parents. This time I tried a more open approach and it hit even harder. Funnily enough, I'm taking a very similar degree to the one that he describes and I often have that same conversation when people ask me what I'm studying lol. The dialogues are so well written they feel raw and hurt in the best way possible. The art and the sounds really manage to suck you in that world even if just for those few minutes. Thank you for creating such a magical experience.

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i've never had a dad— and my stepdad wasn't emotionally present when he was around, he was most definitely homophobic, i can tell that much at least, so this game allowed me to feel something close to what it is like actually to have a dad i can talk to, the conversation feels the perfect amount of overbearing and embarrassment to make it feel real without it being over the top. on the other hand, me and my mother are very open with each other, i tell her everything, so i think this somehow reflects our relationship as well. this gave me the  feeling that im not as alone as i feel like i am sometimes, and this game is really beautiful.

i am so glad i found this game and had the ability to play it, thank you  


I've always had a good relationship with my dad. I've never really known the awkwardness of a long car ride like that, because we've always talked to each other the entire time, about his career or my mother or society or whatever. So it's pretty cool to see an example of a relationship that's so vastly different than mine, like a glimpse of someone else's life. It was new to me, and it got me thinking about my parents and how differently things could be (like if I had daddy issues instead of mommy issues lol).

Thank you for making this game. It gave me something to think about.

thank you for your comment! i'm really glad my game had this effect on you.


this was so visceral for me i cant explain it 

i love this game i love it i love it

Even though I'm a female playing this and I'm still questioning my sexuality, and everything, this entire game is beautiful. I just feel like i can say anything to my own dad just by playing this.


This game is amazing, I've always had trouble deciphering my emotions but that one sentence, 'You "dismiss" it. You hear what I'm saying but you don't listen to what I'm telling you.' Hits so hard. It perfectly describes how my father is with me.

And I'll be honest I don't like my dad, he is not a great person, but going through this game, the second the dad said son, tears sprang in my eyes, because up until that point it had actually felt like a conversation we could have. Minus a few things. But I know that my dad would never. He is so against anything within the LGBTQIA+ community(Which is so incredibly strange if you know our families history) but especially trans and Non-Binary people.

But, this game is immaculate, it is quite honestly the best I've found on this site since my first time on. Thank you for making this.


im crying


reminds me so much of my own dad and our communication struggles. good game man :] (the art is fantastic too)



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Damn. The "I'll just stop talking" part is accurate it hurts...

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Great job, man! The conversation keeps you within the story / game all the time. I really wondered if such a pixelated art and just a conversation can captivate me but wow... yes, it did! And as a gay from a western country I appreciate to get your view! Thank you!


why didn't he pushed me off from car bro. gay part is minus. I suggest you to change it. just saying for u


i won't!


just sain' for u. it's really a good game.




i made an account just to comment. this is beautiful, my dad passed away when i was little so even getting glimpses into other people's relationships with their parents is so nice. 
it seems so "simple" or "basic" but even these conversations that seem annoying or that you want to get over with, it was just very nice so thank you. lovely atmosphere as well, cannot tell you how many convos i had like this with my nana instead.


Thank you for making the account and sharing! I'm so happy this connected with you 

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Amazing game, it really hits home so hard at some parts. I swear parts of it felt like bits of memories. I could relate to pretty much all of it minus the gei part.


There is so much in this conversation that feels familiar and moving. The not really understanding your goals, the taking your words very personally.  I really really loved this.  


I love how accurate the words of his dad is, like, we can all agree parents these days just wouldn't get how we actually feel. It's such a simple game, yet it makes me so torn up and emotional just because how highly accurate it is


I don´t live in America, I´m not a college student, I haven´t come out to my dad yet. but, this was so relatable even to me. It was as if pieces of torn-up pictures of my memories with my dad got glued together, and made into a video game. Especially the depression part. Thanks for making it, it´s really amazing. 

Thank you for playing!


Most of my brain: oh wow as heavy conversation simulators go this is up here with Coming-Out Simulator.

thank you for making this <33

wait special thanks to harris bomber guy?? hell yes! (also this game was great and very relatable)

The game was made as part of an art residency hosted by him and his producers :)

that's inspiration

this was wonderful. thank you for making this


It's scary how much I could relate to this, once I put my actual name in the prompt it was like reliving a memory as a fever dream


This was such a amazing game, but hits too close home and looking through the rest on these comments its surprising on how many people relate


Damn, it really got me. I was waiting for it and then I decided it wouldn't, and then--

glad it got you :)


absolutely gorgeous. thank you


I'm Arab and this hits different

Deleted 54 days ago



10/10 I didn't expect that


What a lovely game.. I like the cliffhanger a lot :)

i lost my dad 7 years ago, now i have to deal with my mom :(


this is perfect. this captures just- the awkwardness perfectly, it really hits home. I love this game so much


There needs to be more games like this. Short, sweet & inclusive games. It was amazing. Some of it I really related to, like the part about being afraid what the parent would think about what you told them.

And also,

I think you dropped this <3


My dad died last year and this really reminded me of him. Thank you for making this game


A great experience - the artstyle, soundtrack and writing all lend to a simultaneously introspective yet intense atmosphere. I've never had 'the talk' with my dad - I told my mom first, and then asked her to tell him separately afterwards. Although my experiences don't relate so much to this game's situation, I was still moved by it. I wish I could talk to him like this, but we both still keep our 'jokester' barriers up so much that even touching this topic would be too awkward.

Thanks for making this game.


Cool game, I really liked the art and the radio was a nice adition.


I really relate to this game. as much as i love my dad, and would do anything for him, he doesn't try to understand me at all. i can heavily relate to the son, being part of the lgbtqia+ community myself, and dealing with depression, and anxiety issues. it's hard to communicate with my dad about these things, and this game portrayed situations like this so well. coming out is a huge deal, and is often times terrifying. I especially like how at the end of the game when you press 'im gay', and the game ends there. because you really do never know someones response to your coming out, especially if it's a family member.

overall, i loved this game so much, and i hope it gets recognized more. but aside from all the previous topics mentioned, the art in this game is beautiful ! i also love the text sounds, and the sunset, and just everything ! also a fan of how it gives you the option to insert your own name, instead of just jumping right into it. really makes you feel like youre the one in the car. really hope to see more people play this ! <3

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